Red Carpet Events

The time and coordination that goes into planning a fundraising or awareness-raising event can be tiresome. Success is often the reward of the hard work and dedication that goes into putting on these events. That is why we strive to make our Red Carpet events as special and memorable as we can for the honorees and attendees on their night. Throughout each year select fundraisers and events are designated as Red Carpet events. As a part of the Gurley Leep contribution, a V.I.P. style red carpet and photographer are rolled out to capture moments from the attendee’s special night.

It’s our way of making sure the guests at these events get a V.I.P feeling to accommodate their V.I.P night. These events bring people with caring hearts together for a common cause. That’s something we believe should be celebrated and captured. So when you find yourself at a Gurley Leep Red Carpet Event make sure to stop and capture a moment of your night; like us on Facebook and find your photos to remember your night forever.

LOGAN Center Garden Party 2022

We sponsored and hosted a Red Carpet Event for the 2022 LOGAN Center Garden Party. The annual Garden Party was back for its 17th year after a two-year hiatus. This event helps to raise funds for LOGAN who help children and adults in our community with Autism.

LOGAN Center

Center for the Homeless: Dancing With our Stars 2022

Each year, the South Bend Center for the Homeless holds it’s biggest fundraiser of the year; Dancing With Our Stars. Local celebrities pair up with progessional dancers and try to earn votes by putting on the best dance rountine. Votes cost money and that money all goes to the Center for the Homeless.

Center for the Homeless

  • Logan Center Garden Party 2022
  • Logan Center Garden Party 2022 (2)
  • Red Carpet Event - Dancing With Our Stars 2022 1
  • Red Carpet Event - Dancing With Our Stars 2022
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  • Red Carpet Event - Lip Syncing With Our Stars 2019
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