Reading Outreach Program

Gurley Leep Reading Outreach Program

Liberty Elementary

Gurley Leep’s proud partnership with Liberty Elementary helped kick-start the Gurley Leep Reading Outreach Program here in Mishawaka. Put into motion by Gurley Leeps IT Director Mike Gordon, the Reading Outreach Program aims to help kids learn to read and write,as well as get them involved by asking questions and helping them to think comprehensively. The Reading Outreach Program is just one way Gurley Leep is giving back to the community as Several volunteers already visited Liberty Elementary, we look to visit other schools in the community to read,donate books and engage kids more in classes ranging from Kindergarten to 6th grade.



Gurley Leep President Mike Leep Jr reading to Liberty students.

VP of Operations Chris Pustelak giving his students a look at the illustrations.

Kindergartener’s intently listening to the story being read to their class.

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