Tech Apprenticeship Program

Becoming a Certified Service Technician at Gurley Leep Automotive Family

Looking to jump-start your career without spending time and money on traditional eduction or even a trade school? The Gurley Leep Tech Apprenticeship Program offers a clear path for your professional development, with hands-on training, mentoring, and a structured three-level plan to take you from beginner to certified technician. As an apprentice, you’ll start working and learning right away, gaining real-world experience under the guidance of seasoned professionals. Whether you’re looking for a fresh start or seeking to advance your skills, the Gurley Leep Tech Apprenticeship Program provides the opportunity to kickstart your new career today.
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    One Year Apprenticeship

    Below are the steps you will be required to complete in order to become a certified Technician here at Gurley Leep. This is a performance based program; therefore, No experience is needed but you will be required to show your progress in order to advance. We believe that all of our techs deserve a chance to become certified. That is why the tech apprenticeship program is not just for in-experienced or beginner techs but for all of our seasoned technicians to hone their skills in order to take those next steps in becoming certified technicians.

    Level One

    • Hourly Wage
    • Basic Maintenance Tasks
    • Progress Review At 3 Months

    Level Two

    • Earn a $250 Bonus
    • Increased Hourly Wage
    • Perform Higher Level Maintenance Tasks
    • Second Progress Review At 6 Months

    Level Three

    • Earn a $500 Bonus
    • Further Increased Hourly Wage
    • Perform Advanced Maintenance Tasks
    • Third Progress Review on 1 Year Anniversary


    Certified Technician

    • $1,000 Bonus (Total Program Bonus: $1,750)
    • Shift From Hourly Wage To A Higher “Flat Rate”
    • Perform Advanced Maintenance Tasks
    • Receive up to $1,000 Reimbursement On Tools Purchased For The Job

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