Free Automotive Training

Guaranteed Interview With Gurley Leep Automotive*
Want paid Hands-on Training with Certification Opportunities? The Academy at Goodwill is currently accepting applicants who want to learn on-site training. Here at Gurley Leep we believe in supporting education ,but just as important, education that will help drive the communties we serve. That is why we are proud to extend our support for the free automotive training that is currently being offered at The Academy, and Better yet; if you were to successfully complete the program we will go as far as offering an interview to come work for us.* Be sure to check out the credentials below and enroll today to start your career.

Training Credentials

  • Program lasts 9 weeks
  • February 5th Thru April 5th
  • Monday-Thursday 5-8 PM
  • Application Deadline: Monday, January 29th
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